May 10, 1948

“As I sit, my back leaning against a damp, moss-covered tree trunk, my eyes sweeping the canopy above, my ears straining to catch the crack of a distant branch that betrays an orangutan moving in the treetops, I think about how we humans search for God. The tropical rain forest is the most complex thing an ordinary human can experience on this planet. A walk in the rainforest is a walk in the mind of God.”  Birutė Marija Filomena Galdikas

Birutė Marija Filomena Galdikas  Lithuanian- Canadian Primatologist and Anthropologist is born.

Birutė Marija Filomena Galdikas, OC, is a Lithuanian-Canadian anthropologist, primatologist, conservationist, ethologist, and author. She is currently a Professor at Simon Fraser University.

Link to Photo Credit:  Dr. Birutė Marija Filomena Galdikas

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