March 29, 1984

“As previously in my mind, if you train good and prepare the best you will get the result you deserve to have. But sometimes there are a lot of circumstances that will affect the result. It doesn’t mean that you work 100% and then you get 100 % Sometimes its vice versa”

Alison Yu Chi – “Yu Chi Yee Makes History on Paralympic Debut”

Yu Chui Yee Alison 余翠怡; Paralympic gold medalist wheelchair fencer from Hong Kong is born.

When she was 11 years old, she suffered from bone cancer, leading to the amputation of her left leg. She began as a swimmer but switched to fencing at the age of 17. (Wikipedia) She has become one her country’s most decorated Paralympians with seven gold medals, three silver, and one bronze medal

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“I think the most important thing for your life is the way you interpret things. Having an optimistic point of view is so important – your life will be so bright.”

Yu Chi Yee Alison

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