November 8, 1920

I’m not so in love with material things that I’ll do anything for money. That allows me the luxury of doing things of value.

Esther Rolle

Esther Rolle American actress and first woman to receive the NAACP Chairman’s Civil Rights Leadership Award was born.

Esther Rolle was an American actress. She is best known for her role as Florida Evans, on the CBS television sitcom Maude, for two seasons, and its spin-off series Good Times, for five seasons, for which Rolle was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy in 1976. (Wikipedia)

Ester Rolle attended Yale University. She became the first woman to receive the NAACP Chairman’s Civil Rights Leadership Award for helping raise the image of Black Americans. (Urban Intellectuals)

‘Hollywood maids’ are so idiotic. They grin at everything. I told Norman Lear I didn’t want to play a maid because of that ‘hee-hee/grin-grin’ attitude, and he said, ‘Who said I wanted that?’ He told me he wanted two strong women that are the black and white of the same coin. I said, ‘Oh, well – in that case, I’ll be right there!’

Esther Rolle

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“I told them [the producers] I couldn’t compound the lie that Black fathers don’t care about their children. I was proud of the family life I was able to introduce to television.”

Ester Rolle

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