July 18, 1867

“Money can’t make a man or woman . . . It isn’t who you are, nor what you have, but what you are that counts.”

“The Denver Post” 1932 – Margaret Brown

Margaret Brown American socialite posthumously known as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” for her evacuation efforts aboard the Titanic was born.

Margaret Brown helped others board the lifeboats but was finally persuaded to leave the ship in Lifeboat No. 6.

Brown was later called “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” by authors because she helped in the ship’s evacuation, taking an oar herself in her lifeboat and urging that the lifeboat go back and save more people. Her urgings were met with opposition from Quartermaster Robert Hichens, the crewman in charge of Lifeboat 6.

Hichens was fearful that if they went back, the lifeboat would either be pulled down due to suction or the people in the water would swamp the boat in an effort to get in. After several attempts to urge Hichens to turn back, Brown threatened to throw the crewman overboard (Wikipedia)

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