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June 5, 925

Princess Olga of Kiev was born.

Olga was a regent of Kievan Rus’ for her son Sviatoslav from 945 until 960. Following her baptism, Olga took the name Elenа. She is known for her subjugation of the Drevlians, a tribe that had killed her husband Igor of Kiev. (Wikipedia)

Olga of Kiev was a princess who was the first recorded female ruler in Russia and the first member of the ruling family of Kiev to adopt Christianity. She was canonized as the first Russian saint of the Orthodox Church and is the patron saint of widows and converts.

Because of her proselytizing influence, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church, and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church call Olga by the honorific Isapóstolos, “Equal to the Apostles”. She is also a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. Her feast day was July 11, 969 the day of her death.

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