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“Life tried to crush her, but only succeeded in creating a diamond.”

John Mark Green Tumblr

Our Story,
Our Mission

Who we are

The examples utilized were of women in history. The global women in history featured evolved into daily communication of “Today in Global Women’s History” and the result was the creation of this website.

What we do

Through Social Media, Global Women’s History is communicated with the goal to provide education that the current school curriculum cannot due to the breadth of knowledge that exists.

This website provides a reference to materials, links, and videos as a jumping off point to inspiration, motivation, and general education.

How we do it

Beyond this website, Global Women’s History can be found on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

The goal would be to provide a full time online education program with bloggers, you tubers, tiktokers, and teachers around the world.

Imagine if little girls grew up to learn about women in history? Would it help motivate and inspire them to make history?

The result of the continuation and growth of the Global Women’s History website would would be personal articles, creation of websites, social media accounts, and cosplays to entertain to spread the education of women in history.

Our Logo

A diamond is born from fire, a fire that melts and bonds rocks together that become carbon. Only under high- temperature and pressure  the carbon atoms bond together that results in crystal formation. It takes an eruption for diamonds to be discovered. The word diamond is derived from the greek word “adamas” meaning invincible. Diamonds are the strongest  known substance on Earth. Unbreakable, with a measured worth that is priceless, a diamond provides the world with the maximum amount of brilliance and sparkle.

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